Absolute Computer Design Inc. provides web sites that make money for their owners. We have a proven track record of building web sites that search well on the internet. With our focus on search engine placement, we guide our customers in producing a web campaign that makes a positive return each year.
We provide long term support contracts for our customers based on the size of the production, and the return on investment. Our yearly support contracts are as little at $100 per month, and our more aggressive campaigns spend $200 to $400 per month. The amount is dependent on the yearly return on the web production, and some businesses are perfect for making money on the internet, were others do not. In any case all business should have a web presence. The key to determining how well you will do is look at the average profit per job. The more you make per job, the better you can do on the internet. Say you get 2 clients per month, and you are a barber who makes $15 a cut, then you will not make a good return on your website. You should still have a web presence, but you budget must be less than your return or $360 per year. Let's say you are an Asphalt company, and you do over 50K in business per year on the web, with a few good jobs, then your budget should be set high, because your return on investment is very good.  So the basic idea is if you make more, spend more on your web production.  One key point web site owners must realize, is you must work on your website as often as possible.  Google and other search engines like web sties that have dynamic content or have been added to or changes.  Newer content is pushed above older content.  So even if you get to page one, you cannont rest on yesterdays work, you have to keep working on your site, or should keep working on it.  Our long term support contract gives your site attention monthly, with our focus on development.  We will update your content, add new DRUPAL features as we develope them, and work on your SEO Search Engine Optimization.
We have a method to producing our website with a focus on KEYWORDS. We look at the statistics for potential keywords used for searching for your business on the internet, and we buy domain names with the keywords used in the name. Hence you will see a lot of Aspen, Snowmass, Glenwood Springs, and Denver, Colorado in our recommended names as that is our service area. We also follow this custom keyword analysis and build the website around the keywords, trying to get as many articles and pages discussing the hot keyword topics in the web production. In the internet more is better, and although the content may be redundant for topics, Google and other search engines give a better ranking to sites with more content, and the search engines are also looking for these keywords in your website, so it's important to use them in the domain name and website.

I express gratitude…Thank You…Thanks…from the bottom of my heart.

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Absolute Computer Design builds long term relationships with its clients. We provide web coaching, web training, web development and web hosting. We specialize in producing DRUPAL.ORG websites and can work with almost any budget. DRUPAL websites search very well; they interact with clients, and can be programmed to provide a store on the internet, custom content types for live databases living on the web cloud. We can produce high end programmed applications for the web as well.


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Company Owners:  We have the right domain name for your profitable company launch.  Our domains are very reasonable and we specialize and producing websites for our customers that make a return on investment.  Call us at (970) 928-7477 or Contact Us to inquire about producing a project for your company.